Wednesday, April 6, 2011

please, leave yo kids at home

i dont understand why people bring their kids to the ER (the adult side i mean). the hospital, and specifically the ER isnt a place to be letting your kids loose and have them laying on that mrsa / vre / c.diff / among other things infested floor.

anyhoos --
"parent a" -  comes in with TODDLER in tow, and lets them run around in a busy adult ER and the kid almost got ran over by a stretcher. ugh. that would not have been pretty.
"parent b" - had three of their hoodlums walk back and forth into the ER. kids go through the packed sandwich bags (mind you, not grab the whole bag...just sift through to pick the sammich and crackers) and steal band aids & alcohol pads -- until another pt who witnessed this told him to take his sticky hands off the WHOLE BOX of alcohol pads. what?! the food i dont mind -- ask me and i shall deliver, but the kids walked in like its their living room and stuff.  btw, this happened all in front of said parent who did/said nothing.

i know times are rough and there arent always support systems to watch yo kids -- but hey, probably somebody can watch them while you go clubbing, but not while seeking medical help right?

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