Thursday, May 19, 2011


...nope, this isnt the DVD work out.

it's been busy at work lately. i'm sure we've violated the fire safety max occupancy many times, but unfortunately, it isnt the first, nor the last time. we triple-quadruple the department capacity, people are in the waiting room for 3-4 hrs, hold overs in the emergency department for 2 days, and yesterday, i actually saw a family member acting as an IV pole.

people are pissed, they think causing a scene would make us see them faster, etc. while i understand their frustrations, being rude is NEVER acceptable.

i hate it when people follow me, stand in front of a patient im working up, stare at me as i document, nag me about beds upstairs i have no control over, and everything else rude that people do. please, take a look around. it's busy. we're all working out butts off. nobody is "just sitting around, talking" as you proclaim. so chill, because if i really have to be honest, you're poor planning is NOT an emergency.