Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nurse, i'm nosh and i wanna vom.

abdominal pain + nausea + vomiting.

it almost always never fails when i have a patient with this trinity that the first thing they ask is "can i eat? can i have some sandwich? can i have ginger ale?" followed by "...but that always calms my stomach." sometimes i get asked this in the middle of a dry heave, or right after vomiting. wouldn't you say to yourself "why the hell do i want to shove anything down my mouth when for days i haven't been able to keep any food or water down?" is it because today someone else is there to clean up your nasty ass vomit? sometimes i want to turn around and say "go home, stop wasting my time and money," because if a bottle of ginger ale is all it takes to resolve all your issues, there's no reason for you to be here wasting medicaid. not to mention, i don't appreciate vomit on my scrubs.